It’s Time to Cut the Fluff.

Introducing actionary DIY strategies and done-for-you services that help you to GET SH+T DONE so you can focus on bringing in those clients and cash. Less hustle. Simple actions. More Sh+t Done.

Done-in-ONE-Day Workshops    |    VIP Intensives & 90-Day Action Plans    |    Systems, Automation, Branding & Website Design


Hey There. I’m Katrina.

A gamer nerd, ocean fanatic and feline enthusiast. But that’s not what you’re here for.

You’re here for the digital marketing strategist that will partner up with YOU, the tenacious big-hearted solopreneur that wants to kick it up a notch. You want success without the overwhelm, which that’s fast action with me through DIY days, strategic VIP consulting and digital audits, or stellar, on-point and on-brand done-for-you services.

Ways I Support Your Awesome Self

One-Day Fast Action Workshops

In one day, we’ll take massive action to kick some marketing and strategy boo-tay right into place, so you can immediately leverage those tools to get more clients, and bring in the cash.

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

Work with me to strategize and outline your hassle-free 90-day plan, or just get quick consults on your pre-existing marketing platforms with laid out action steps so you can kick it up a notch.

Done-for-You Marketing Services

When you need a partner-in-crime to help you systematize, automate and boost your branding and website to a whole new level, add me to your winning team and we’ll conquer it together.
Quit wasting your time tweaking and over-thinking. I’ve created these workshops so you can Get Sh+t Done in ONE day, so you can spend more time securing clients and making money.


Outline Your Signature Service

You don’t have to offer ‘all-the-things’. We’ll break down the #1 service that you’ll push, and be known as the community expert in.

Branding + Website

Establish consistency and finally quit going back and forth on your branding, and putting your website through a Tweak-a-Thon.

List Building Kickoff

Create your first freebie, hook it up to your new email system, and discuss effective strategies on how to kick off your list building.

Discovery Call

You may be flustered and floundering in your business, not sure where to go next. If this is you, set up a Discovery Call with me, and we can set up a clear path to where you want to be.

VIP Consulting & Audits

Consult with me to have a clear path of simple action steps to support you in furthering your online business and securing clients. Whether it’s a 90-day marketing plan or an audit of your existing platforms, I’ve gotchu.

Branding & Digital Services

Consider me your future digital party planner, and wave buh-bye to your DIY days. Wanna upgrade your branding, re-design your website, systematize or just plain have a strategic marketing parter – hit me up!
If you’re a solopreneur looking to get shit done, without the hassle and hustle, join others just like you so we can conquer our sh+t together. <3

She's Got Her Business Systems DOWN!

Not only is Katrina a phenomenal designer, but she’s got her business systems down. Know what that means for you? You’ll get amazing design on time and the process will be seamless and the working relationship will be incredible! Katrina knows her stuff and she aims to please. I can’t say enough good things about her. You can’t go wrong with her on your design team!

>> Amber McCue |

Better Than I DREAMED It Could Be!

The site created for me is better than I ever dreamed it could be! Not only did she do incredible work in a timely fashion, but she made the process both pleasant and seamless with her branding and design process, and spot-on communications. Design-wise, Katrina might as well have lived in my brain, because she “got” everything I was trying to communicate both with visually and with the overall feel and messaging. The new site doesn’t just look great either – it performs great! Site traffic, blog comments and sharing, email conversions, and sales have all dramatically increased in the few short months the site’s been live. Thanks Katrina!

>> Rachael Pontillo | |

Seamless and FUN!

Working with Katrina is seamless and fun. She makes getting all the little design needs that come up in your business simple. She is fast and completely affordable…grab a spot on her calendar before she’s booked (or raises her prices!)

>> Megan Flatt |

Still have questions?

No problem! Set up a Discovery Call today, and we can chat it out!